Meiqing Li (李梅磬)

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in City and Regional Planning and D-Lab Senior Data Science Fellow at UC Berkeley. I am advised by Professor Daniel A. Rodriguez, Professor Daniel G. Chatman, and Professor Joan Walker.

Prior to pursuing my Ph.D., I worked as a transportation planner in the San Francisco Bay Area. I received my Master of City Planning with a Certificate in GIS and Spatial Analysis from Stuart Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, and a B.A. in Urban Studies and Economics from the University of Hong Kong.

I am a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

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My research explores the intersection of sustainable transportation, travel behavior, and built environment in the United States and Asia.

ntl Mapping Time-Series Satellite Images with Google Earth Engine API

Meiqing Li

Berkeley D-Lab Blog Post, 2023

In this blog post, I walk through the process of using the GEE to obtain remote sensing data, filter it by time and geographic region, and finally visualize the data on static and interactive maps.

Full demonstration code and examples at this notebook.

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